Quick Solutions To Rectify QuickBooks OL 301 Bank of America Error

Most of the time, users might encounter QuickBooks OL 301 Bank of America Error while trying to connect to the financial institution. You might also get this error when you have provided the wrong bank login credentials in QuickBooks Desktop. On the occurrence of this error, users failed to download the latest bank transactions and disturb the ongoing business chores. Read this blog thoroughly to know about the causes behind the error, along with the verified solutions to fix it instantly. 

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What Causes QuickBooks Error Code OL-301? 

Are you trying to figure out why you are incurring QuickBooks Error Code OL-301? To make your confusion clear, we have listed some of the causes of the error. Go through the enlisted reasons behind the error below:-

  • It might take place when the server of your financial institution is down.
  • You haven’t provided accurate bank login details while signing into your online bank account.
  • Sometimes, it may be caused when your Bank is in inactive status.
  • The QuickBooks Desktop you are presently using is outdated. 

Simplest Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Bank Feeds Error OL-301

Do you keep getting QuickBooks Bank Feeds Error Ol-301? Are you looking for immediate and effective solutions to the problem? You should carefully follow the instructions outlined below: –

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Solution 1:- Make a New Test Company File to Identify the Cause of the Error

It is necessary to create a new test file to determine whether the problem causes the error by your Bank or with QuickBooks itself. For doing so, you are required to perform the following steps;-

  • To Commence with, tap on the QuickBooks File menu and then New Company.
  • Afterwards, choose either the Express Start or Start Setup option. 
  • Following that, you are required to insert all the required details within the Setup window. 
  • Once you have entered all the details, go to the Create Company and click Start Working. 

If you still get the issue after following the procedures above, it means there is a problem with your Bank’s connection. Some financial institutions will want you to validate your identification before utilizing one of the online services if you recently installed the QB program. All you have to do now is log into your Bank and check for any security alerts or messages. If you can’t find any of the notifications, contact your Bank directly. Make sure you speak with a staff that is knowledgeable in QB Online banking and account activation.

If you don’t get any errors, it means your Bank isn’t having any problems, and you should try another troubleshooting option.


Solution 2:- Refresh All Online Bank Connections:-

  • To begin with, move to the Lists menu and choose the Charts of Accounts option.
  • Following that, from the bottom of the menu, click Include Inactive.
  • Now, you are required to disable Bank Feeds for all accounts including the inactive accounts.
  • Reopen QuickBooks and then disable bank feeds for each account. Then proceed with the same task you were doing to check if the issue still exists.


Need Any Professional Assistance!! 

We hope that after consulting this blog on QuickBooks OL 301 Bank of America Error, you have got a clearer picture of the error. Hopefully, we assure you that you find this blog worth reading and helpful.However, if the error still comes up, do not hesitate to connect with our professionals at the toll-free number +1(855)-738-0359.


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