The Best Way to Wear and Style Rhinestone Leather Belts

The Best Way to Wear and Style Rhinestone Leather Belts

It has been said and proven a lot of times that belts are one of the key accessories in a modern style outfit. So, if it comes to the importance of accessories, let’s just say that belts are pretty much up there on the top. Belts have the power and potential to change your outfit completely. This is why it is critical to get the right belt. To be fair, it doesn’t really matter if you get an earring wrong or any other accessory wrong, but if you get a belt wrong, it throws the whole outfit off-balance, and you end up with quite an awkward situation. So, here is a list of all the dos and don’ts of how to wear and style Rhinestone leather belts.

First, let’s get on with some of the fundamental basics. Belts are often key to your capsule wardrobe. There is no doubt in saying that a belt has the potential and means to really alter the whole look of an outfit, and sometimes can also really elevate it to a whole new level. So, here we will discuss the three elementary steps that will help you choose the right belt.

  • Size Matters
  • Colors & Proportions
  • Occasionally

Size Matters

Here’s an example: Imagine if you’re going for a very light summer-ish look; having a belt that is heavy and oversized will definitely not do the trick; instead, it will look pretty weird. Instead, your light summery outfit needs something that is slimmer and has that lizardy shape. You need to consider that if your outfit has a lot going on and many accessories, all a big bulky belt will do is take your whole appearance to an off-look which won’t do you any good. A simple soft, thin belt is what you need for your whole attire to pop up nicely.

Color & Proportions

Now, a lady needs to understand that she has to create a balance between the colors and proportions when it comes to wearing a belt. Balancing works as a key factor in everything in general. Balancing a belt with the shape, proportion, and color of a certain outfit can, without a doubt, give an elevated look to your whole outfit. For example, let’s see if you’re wearing many patterns and having a fun vibe going on.

Outfit 1

For instance, let’s take a skirt with bold and bright tones. Now, a problem with a thin belt with this skirt is that a thin belt will probably get lost within the jazzy and bright tones of the skirt. So, for a belt to stand out with that choice of outfit, it must have a weight of its own. Therefore, it’s probably best to have a chunkier belt to balance out the size and proportion of your outfit. However, the advantage of outfits that has trousers in them is that you can always have those chunkier belts on and look your best accordingly. They look balanced with all the hefty fabric on your body and give a true upgrade to your outfit style.

Outfit 2

We are hopping on to our next outfit, which has a white look on the trousers in are rather straight in a manner, T-shirt, some white heels and then putting on the big bulky, and oversized belt. Now, this look doesn’t seem to be alright in a sense. However, the trousers are definitely not going with that specific belt. So, what are you going to do in this case? Well, we’re here to tell you. It would be best if you had something wider if you’re in the mood for a big bolder belt. So, it is critical to creating a balance with some wider-length trousers or a skirt that has a wider shape. What it does is that it gives out a vibe of evenness to your outfit that helps wonders in making you look fabulous.


Well, it is one of the essential pieces of information you must have. Knowing what to wear and where to wear that belt creates a lot of difference in what you need in your whole attire to look the most stunning.

Work Wear

For example: If you’re heading for work and want to look a little different than usual by putting on a belt. A quite the nice look would be if you try on a slimmer belt which is fine in terms of looks and gives out the feel of a rather professional essence. A sleek and refined belt with an office vibe helps a million when it comes to a professional look. However, this only applies to some of the outfit choices for work. You don’t really have to be putting a belt on with pretty much anything. Many outfits are a statement in themselves; you don’t have to put a belt on and ruin their true aura.

Dressier Outfits

We all tend to go out and have fun on the weekends, and having belts that are not hitting the mark becomes quite the critical factor in your outfit choices. For occasions when you’re all dressy, go for the statement belts. They can really give a true transformation to your whole attire.

So, these are the three elementary tips you need to apply to look your best while having a belt on. It’s not just about what kind of belt you are choosing or going for; it is also about how you style it with the choice of your outfit. It is also about creating that balance while keeping the shape and proportion of your outfit in mind; it is also about the occasions and events you choose to wear your belt in; it is also about the way you carry yourself with a belt; it is about the elegance, the style, the comfort, the fashion, and following the trends.

Belts are not just belts; belts are there to give you an elevated look.

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