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The Importance of Becoming a Board Certified Teacher

Being a teacher allows you to accomplish many things, such as making a difference in a child’s life. Besides the students and families, a teacher can gain a national certification for all of their hard work and dedication.

The National Board Certification Process

Becoming a board-certified teacher is not easy and it will require quite a bit of time. You may also doubt that it is worth your time. However, when it is all said and done, you will see how much more you benefit from the certification.

The eligibility for the National Board Certification includes the following:

    • At least three years of teaching experience in a classroom setting
    • Undergraduate degree
    • Current teaching license

Four parts make up the National Board Certification. First, you have a computer-based assessment, which is taken through a nationwide testing center authorized for administering tests. The other three parts involve an evaluation of the teacher’s portfolio that they submit online. In the portfolio, the teacher must submit in-classroom videos demonstrating teaching ability, samples of student work, and any other documents that show more support.

Although each part is individually completed, the teacher must make an effort on every part. The teacher also has three years to complete all parts from the time that they first registered. A teacher can make two additional attempts at certification if they are unsuccessful with their initial attempt. Certification can take as little as a year or as much as five years, depending on how much time is dedicated to the certification process.

Why Becoming a Board-Certified Teacher is Important

Now that you know what the process entails, you should also know why becoming a board-certified teacher is important. Below are a few reasons why it is a good idea.

1. Your Teaching Ability Improves

As with any certification, the board certification allows you to improve your classroom teaching. This will be due to the many new methods that are available to implement that a certified teacher can take advantage of. When you see your teaching ability improve, you will know that the certification will be well worth it.

2. Students Will Learn More

When you are a certified teacher, the students will be able to learn and grasp concepts much better as you manage the classroom better than ever. Plus, there are many noticeable benefits that students receive. This will result in student scores being significantly higher than before.

3. Pay Advantages

You may find that your school district offers higher stipends and pay if you are a National Board Certified teacher. Check with your school district to find out for sure.

4. Advancement

Being a national board certified teacher can help a teacher meet standards necessary for licensure that is considered top tier. This also helps designate a teacher as being “Highly Qualified”. Having this designation will easily provide value to your career and allows you to have more bargaining ability when it comes to employment opportunities.

When you are nationally certified, there may not be any requirement for state testing if you decide to teach in a different state. If your goal is to pursue a leadership role, then obtaining certification through the national board will give you an upper hand.

5. Help Spread the Word

Being a Nationally Board Certified teacher will allow you to help keep expectations high concerning certification and its benefits. Being certified allows other non-certified teachers to see how beneficial it is. With the goal of the National Board being to bring more awareness about certification, they also strive to have teachers encouraged to become mentors within the education field.

Being a certified teacher also allows you to give back to the community by participating in online forums that allow other teachers to see a certified teacher in the classroom. This allows them to gain valuable insight into the way the teaching is performed.

Of course, there is a lot of work involved with being a certified teacher, but the good thing is that it will provide many benefits to you and your students both in and outside of the classroom.


Certification is a long process and it won’t be easy. The benefits, though, are well worth it. Any teacher looking to undergo such a task will find their effort was not wasted. Becoming board certified is truly important for teachers.

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