Top 5 reasons to buy a hoverboard

eeYou want to buy a Hoverboard but the little voice in your head still leaves you skeptical about the real usefulness of this device, below we present some criteria that could make you change your mind.

It’s trendy
The Hoverboard is the trendy means of transport of the moment. Yes, fashion was born in the United States, but you will see that this device is more and more present in our streets. The Hoverboard combines style, design and high technology. In addition, the Hoverboard is equipped with many smart features that are sure to optimize your user experience.
In order to satisfy all desires, this device is currently offer in different versions. Every user can find the Hoverboard that meets their fantasies. Besides, after buying yours, you can customize it according to your whims. The trend is currently for models that are equipe with LEDs.


It’s eco-friendly
The Hoverboard is an ecological means of transport. As it is completely electric, it will allow you to move around without the slightest effort and also without pollution. The impact on the environment is zero when you use this device. The batteries are rechargeable using an electrical outlet, and in principle there is only one button to press to turn it on and off. More ecological means of transport without effort, there is not one it is necessary to admit it.

It’s easy to use
The Hoverboard is very easy to use. It works by the principle of weight transfer. In other words, for advance, you just have to lean forward. To turn left or right, all you have to do is lean towards the directions you want to go. In principle, the Hoverboard has two modes of operation, namely, beginner and sport.

Beginner mode is what you should use when you are just starting out. It will allow you to keep your balance in a straight line and when turning. Admittedly, under beginner mode, the Hoverboard is heavier, but that’s what makes it more stable for riding.

It’s easy to carry
The Hoverboard has a bright future ahead of it. It has only been on sale for a few years and is already on its way to becoming the essential means of transport in town. This device owes its popularity to its many ecological advantages, but above all to the fact that it is very easy to transport.

It doesn’t cost very much
The Hoverboard is a cheap accessory, although it was in the beginning. You will find that this device will save you a lot of money in the long run.
How to choose a Hoverboard? Selection criteria
hoverboard amazon
Before buy Hoverboard, you must first define what kind of user you are. What do you intend it for? Do you need it for the city, for work, for leisure only? What type of path are you going to use it on? Once you have defined your needs, you will have no trouble finding the product that suits you. However, when choosing, you must still pay attention to certain criteria such as:

Wheel size
You have to choose between 4.5 inch, 6.5 inch, 8.5 inch or 10 inch wheels. The larger the wheels, the more maneuverable the Hoverboard. While some wheels are made entirely of rubber, the others are inflatable.

The maximum speed
The speed depends on the age of the user. For children, it is recommend to stick to a Hoverboard which has a speed limit of 10 km/h. Adults can opt for Hoverboards which can exceed this speed and reach 25 km/h.

Autonomy and charging time
Autonomy is the most important criterion to take into account. For an adult, it is advisable to opt for a model with a battery that can last an average of 2.5 hours, which is the equivalent of 20 km of distance. What must be avoid at all costs is that you break down kilometers from your destination. This can pose a serious problem if you have chosen a Hoverboard whose mass is approaching 15 kilos. If possible, choose Hoverboards that only take 2 hours to charge. A few hours before getting out of your job, all you have to do is plug in the device and you’re done. You will no longer have to endure public transport and traffic.

The weight of the device
A Hoverboard can weigh from 10 to 20 kilos. Again, it’s all a matter of preference. For featherweights, it is possible to carry them in a special carrying bag, and when you have to take stairs, it will be enough to take it under your arm.

Options and accessories
If you are a music lover, prefer Hoverboards that have a Bluetooth function. Thus, you will be able to listen to your music while enjoying the device. Recognize that this will make your journeys less gloomy.

Le design
Hoverboards are available in different colors, we have already brought it up. It’s all a matter of personal preference here, but don’t forget to put a premium on performance. Because, like any product offered for sale, it is not always the most beautiful that are the most efficient.

Hoverboard or Segway: which choice to make?
hoverboard or segway
The Hoverboard and the Segway work on the same principle, except for one detail, this second is very imposing. Also, for practicality needs especially in town, prefer the uk Hoverboards. Generally, the Hoverboard is equip with two independent electric motors thanks to which the user can direct the device according to his desires. Unlike the classic skateboard, the Hoverboard can take all types of paths, even the most uneven ones. However, it is still difficult to perform acrobatic tricks with it, due to its limited speed.

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