5 Useful Tips for Memorable Glamping Holidays in Kent

Glamping is a great alternative to camping, and Kent is among the best places for glamping. Although it comes with lots of luxuries, you need to make some efforts to make your glamping holidays in Kent both exciting and memorable. In this piece, you’ll find tips that help you have a great glamping holiday. 

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘glamping’? Isn’t it a safari tent equipped with lots of services?

When glamping in Dover, you get lots of amenities and facilities from your service provider to make your stay a pleasant experience. They take care of your accommodation, food, parking, and many other things. 

However, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. Your efforts and approach towards glamping in Dover can make or break your trip. Here are some useful tips to save your glamping holidays:

  • Learn About Your Accommodation Options

When you’re on glamping holidays in Kent, a safari tent isn’t the only accommodation option you’ve. There are glamping sites that also provide you with options like Shepherd’s hut. 

Before booking a glamping site, identify what kinds of accommodation options they’ve. Even if you want to stay in a safari tent, learn how many individuals it can accommodate. 

  • Find Out About Luxury Services

Before booking your glamping services, learn what kinds of luxury services the service provider has. Make sure there’s more than just comfortable beds and clean sheets.  

At the best glamping site, your accommodation place should be equipped with many luxuries, such as chairs, coffee tables, and others. Apart from that, ensure that it has private bathrooms and toilets. 

  • Inform Who’s Coming with You

Is it a family glamping tour? Are you travelling with your friends? Are your kids coming with you? Do you’ve a pet? 

Before reaching your site for glamping in Dover, talk to your service provider and tell them who is travelling with you. It’ll help them make the necessary arrangements for your stay. For example, at the best site, you are provided with kids-friendly menus and pet-friendly services. Your service provider can make your stay memorable if they know who is travelling with you. 

  • Find Out in Advance ‘What to Do’

Glamping holidays in Kent enable you to do more than just staying close to nature. From ancient places and outdoor activities, there’re plenty of things that you can do here. You can cover many of them when you already have a plan in place. Make a schedule in advance to find out what you want to do during the trip and when. It’ll save your time and help you cover many places. 

  • Enjoy Your Glamping Site

Although Kent provides tons of activities to do during your glamping tour, your glamping site and its luxuries can make your stay memorable. Spend some time on your glamping site to enjoy its surroundings and luxury services. 

In the End 

Your glamping holidays in Kent become fun when you’re well prepared. Keep these tips in mind and reach your glamping site with a plan. All the best!  


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