5 Astonishing Secrets Why Cardboard Product Packages Beat Plastic Ones

Plastic packaging is not as good as cardboard because it cannot be recycled and reused. Plastic packaging may be more attractive but it is not sustainable. Cardboard packaging is better for the environment and also cheaper than plastic, which can cost a lot of money.

A cardboard package is much more likely to be recycled than a plastic one. Plastic packaging in landfills takes up space and, in the ocean, it destroys natural habitats for many species of animals. Cardboard can decompose naturally in about 30 days. Also, there are systems that would allow you to recycle your cardboard packages into new ones or other materials.

Cardboard is lighter than other wholesale retail boxes materials which means it will cost less to ship. It also takes up less space in storage, so you won’t need to store your recycling bin every week. Finally, if your products are not attractive on shelves then this could be an easy solution. You can wrap the boxes with paper before putting them on the shelf.

People are more environmentally conscious than before. It’s important to present your recycled products in a positive manner so that the customers feel good about buying them.

This is not usually an issue, but it can be if the pieces are too small or have tiny pieces in them. This might cause problems when recycling other products. Cardboard has no sharp look that consumers will dislike it at first attempt. They like simple and elegant look which these boxes do exist.

You can find many other reasons why cardboard packaging boxes draw customers’ attention. There are different types of paperboards you can use for your packages. You just need to be creative and think about the ways that will attract the consumers. This will help to increase sales of the brands and the products simultaneously.

It is important to take into consideration all customers from various age groups and from different countries.

In addition, you need to think about the eco-friendly approach. You might want your packaging boxes to look modern and innovative so that customers can buy them without any second thought. The packages will be safe and efficient as well as they will attract consumers.

Following are the five facts that make cardboard different from plastic.

  1. Cardboard packaging is biodegradable and recyclable

Cardboard packaging is a sustainable alternative to plastic. It biodegrades in less than four months and can be easily recycled, making it environmentally friendly as well. Cardboard products look more attractive and innovatively designed than plastic ones specially in their look.

It is more durable and flexible as compared to other materials like glass or metals. It has a smooth surface and it can be molded into different shapes depending upon the need of your product, market, brand value etc.

  1. The material is more durable than plastic

Plastic is a good material for making jewellery. You can buy it in different colors. But you have to be careful because it is not as tough as glass or metal, so you have to watch out when cleaning or wearing it.

Some people don’t like wearing plastic necklaces and bracelets because they can see their skin through them. They may not like the way that it looks, but this is actually a good thing because then they can see what’s happening to their skin. Even though plastic is attractive at first, this isn’t so great over time.

  1. Cardboard packaging can be recycled to make new cardboard products

Cardboard is made out of wood and oil. That means it can withstand water, which is what happens when they are thrown away on the ocean. This means they last a lot longer before they become recyclable.

Most plastic bottles are made from wood pulp and oil. They can withstand high levels of moisture, which is why they usually end up in the ocean. That means a lot of them to have a long life before they reach their recyclable expiration date.

  1. Packages made of cardboard are cheaper than those made of plastic

Some people buy cardboard products instead of plastic products. Cardboard products are cheaper and won’t hurt the environment when they are recycled or if you’re trying to be environmentally friendly.

Cardboard does not have a lot of chemicals. So, it is easier to recycle that plastic which usually has chlorine and bromine. These substances are found in plastics that are commonly used by manufacturers, such as PVC or polycarbonate.

  1. Cardboard packages take up less space in landfills, which means they produce less methane gas

Cardboard is a material that is both affordable and recyclable. It takes up less space in the landfill than other materials. This is good for the environment because if too many paper products decompose it can create smog, which affects climate change.

A cardboard box is a great way to ship something. Boxes are light and you can put them on the ground without it breaking. This is good for people who need to carry things and tie off boxes by themselves.

  1. Plastic packaging releases toxic chemicals when it breaks down

Some people don’t know that plastic packaging releases toxic chemicals when it breaks down. Burning or recycling the right type of material can release dioxin into your home’s air supply. This has been linked to developmental delays in children as well as hormonal disruption and cancer risks for adults.

Plastic packaging doesn’t biodegrade. If you put a piece of plastic in the environment it will remain there forever.

  1. Cardboard packaging is more energy-efficient than plastic

Cardboard is more sustainable than plastic. It is made from organic materials and it’s also lighter than plastic. Plastic takes a lot of natural resources like oil that we need to produce it.


Cardboard packaging is a greener, more sustainable alternative to plastic. It’s durable and recyclable–and it can even be recycled into new cardboard products. Plastic packaging releases toxic chemicals when it breaks down, but cardboard doesn’t. In this way you are helping with custom packaging with logo to the environment by not contributing your own personal waste or filling up landfills with trash that will end up taking centuries before they break down completely.

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