15 Tips for Choosing a Good App Developer

At Cliffex we have detected how the interest of organizations in developing their own apps has increased. Companies are completely committed to the digitization processes imposed by the covid-19 crisis.

For this reason, in today’s post, we want to give you 15 tips that will undoubtedly help you when choosing good app developers.

1.- They Know the Current Trends

We spoke recently in a post about the latest trends. Without a doubt, although it is a fashion, it is worth paying attention as they point in the right direction with respect to the user experience. The trends also tend to exploit the cutting-edge technologies of the moment. 

2.- Analyze the Market

Good app developers in addition to knowing the latest technologies and trends will also know the market well. What are the demands of the target users?

3.- Adapt Your Idea to the Possibilities of an App

We all have great ideas, however, the key to a good app developer will be to know how to transform that final functionality into a possible technological process. In other words, translate your idea into a function that current technology can offer. 

4.- Offer Platforms

Today to develop apps you can choose between many options of platforms and technologies. Obviously, each has its own pros and cons. It can even affect more or less the budget.

The good job of a mobile application developer will be to explain and create an app with the most appropriate platform.

5.- Icon Design

As you know, the aesthetics and design of an app are essential for success. This is the same as the app icon itself. Pay close attention to this point as it will be one of the first impressions your application generates.

6.- The Name of the App

It is undoubtedly one of the determining factors for the success of your application. You may wonder how important the app developer is at this point. Well, a lot since their work will be to advise you about the success of your solution.

Every aspect of the app should be creative, attractive and unique. From the name, the icon or the application itself.

7.- Define Categories

You may not have thought about it but when uploading your application to the corresponding app store you must define both the description, the images and the categories themselves.

The developer must correctly choose the app category where the application will be. Keep in mind that it will also be important to work on keywords and the way in which they will capture the attention of potential users.

8.- Maintenance Service

An app does not end with the launch. It should continue to evolve, adapt and, ultimately, update itself based on the needs of your users. That is why it is important that your app developer knows how to be there at all times to help you in this long process.

9.- User Service

Communication with the user will also be vital. You must respond to opinions, solve doubts or even technical problems and for this, it will be important that the developer is available whenever you need him.

10.- Analyze the App Data

You should know that it will be essential that you dedicate a part of the development of analytics. Being able to analyze the statistics not only of downloads and active users but also how they use it, what functionality to enter and at what point they stop using it, among other KPIs.

Sometimes this data is not given to you by the app itself, but you will have to ask your app developer to create a specific panel for it.

11.- Connection to the App

The more complex the apps are, the more functionalities you can offer and therefore your developer should try harder. For example, if you want users to use the app online or offline.

Try to create an app that does not frustrate your users due to the lack of Internet connection or when it slows down. 

12.- The Weight of the App

Keep in mind that smartphones have limited storage capacity and that is why sometimes when it comes to making space, the first applications that are eliminated are the ones that occupy the most. The app developer must optimize them as much as possible to avoid this.

13.- Team

Another aspect that can help you when detecting a trusted app developer is that they have enough equipment to cover the entire process of creating your app. From development, launch, maintenance or even the marketing strategy to get users.

14.- Cybersecurity

Undoubtedly, one of the issues that most concern application users is knowing where their personal data goes. Your app developer should explain what you will do with your users’ data, where and how it will be stored, how you will comply with data protection law, etc. 

15.- The SEO of the App

Yes, apps perform on SEO too, only in the app industry it’s called App Optimization (ASO). Keywords will help you to better position the app and thus increase your visibility.

As you can see, these are some tips that you can use when choosing a good team of app developers. If you are looking for help in creating a mobile application, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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