Tips for packing large items for moving abroad

So you have finally made up your mind to move to another country for a better lifestyle; that’s a good choice. But have you ever wondered? How would you shift your household items, especially the heavily weighted items such as furniture, laundry machine, snooker table, piano, etc.?

Will you leave all your stuff at your old location and purchase a new one? This might not be possible, as buying new things would be out of the budget. So it’s indispensable to make a checklist of what to leave and what to pack.You can also enjoy a great chance to cut down your bill by redeeming Mabels Labels promo code.

Are you hunting for some valuable suggestions before you move? Going through our helpful tips and tricks will make the shifting process easy.

The tips are easy and quick and going to help you a lot. So let’s get started.

Spread the weight

It’s imperative to figure out how to spread the weight in the boxes. First, try to distribute the weight; for example, all your heavy items shouldn’t be packed in a single package. Otherwise, it would be almost impossible for you or even the moving companies to lift such heavy boxes.

If you want to shift your items perfectly, you should start putting heavy objects on the underside but leaving space at the top for lighter things. Before you begin filling the items, first get to know what the weight limits for boxes are. As most of the mover has specific weight criteria, make sure you are not exceeding the weight limit.

Label every carton

To keep things going systematically, marking every box is extremely necessary with mabels labels promo code. Packing your stuff is undoubtedly a stressful job. But once you Label the box, it makes it easier by allowing you to identify where you have loaded the particular item.

Every person thinks differently; some people believe that packing according to the room is a good idea. On the other side, few people like to pack all the similar stuff in a single box, but that doesn’t work all the time. The best method is to use markers or labels from Mabels Labels promo code to classify the goods placed in various boxes.

Roll your clothes

Don’t let your clothes take much space when you are packing to move overseas. Most people make a terrible mistake by folding their clothes. Instead, follow the most efficient means to roll them tightly, which helps to fit in the box, taking less space.

There might be few draw backs of rolling the clothes, such as wrinkles and creases. But that’s all fine once you iron your clothes. In case you want to ship your expensive clothes, consider a special shipping service for optimal protection.

Fill all empty spaces

While packing the heavier object, you will notice lots of empty spaces. Hold on to these open spaces and cover them by filling whatever items you can fit. For example, your house would indeed have lots of tiny objects like flower jars, sports items and baskets etc. Cover these empty spots by using all of them.

Take care of fragile objects

Your house has too many fragile items, and now you want it to ship to your following location. But there is still a concern about how to shift these easily breakable items. The preferred method is to wrap every individual item warily with the help of bubble wrap or newspaper. You indeed can’t bear the risk of broken things. Adopt the next-level packaging option and ensure that item is shifted in a protected manner.

Do you know your clothes, pillowcases, or newspapers are an excellent substitute for bubble wrap? It allows you to ship your fragile objects in a guarded way by saving the cash.

Use proper Packing material

The packing materials are usually designed for two purposes. One is to protect the items, and the other is to carry the items perfectly. So use the right type according to your items. For heavy and bulky things, use strong boxes. The double-ply cardboard boxes are best to store books, bottles, dishes and other fragile items. Moreover, use the thicker wrapping, it lessens the risk of the things to being broken. And it can resist the bumps on the roads.

The bubble wraps work best for items made of ceramics and glasses. The double layer of bubble wraps will help you to keep the item in place without being broken.

If you want to be more particular about heavy mirrors or any other decoration piece, then add cushioning at the bottom of the box. And last but not the least, tape the box properly so no damage will happen to the item.

 Add another box

It is the simplest trick to save your heavy item from getting out of the box or being broken. When you complete packing the item in the box appropriately, simply add the box into another one. Make sure the outer box is 2 inches bigger than the inner one. This is because heavy and fragile items like vases require more clearance between the boxes.

Recheck the box

Rechecking the box before transporting it is essential. Shake the box or check it in any other way that the item inside the package can’t be able to move. There must be no space left for the item to carry.

If you find that the item is still shaky and a harm might happen to it, then open it again and fill the spaces with some bubble wraps.

Wrap Up

These are some of the tips that might help you to pack heavy items with care. It is not hard to move to another country. However, packing the whole household can be tiring. And the pressure of carrying the heavy and fragile object is too high.

But with the above tips, you may get the idea of how you can pack the heavy items easily. So pack your bags and boxes quick and move to abroad for a new lifestyle.

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