The importance of education in society

It is derived from the Latin word ex-ducere which means “… or direct benefit.” Education is an art that gives a person physical, intellectual, and moral qualities so that he can take care of his personal life. And a society with a fairly conscious personality that its upbringing made it a favorite subject of communication with its peers and former members of society. That is the only reason. These creatures can be social and sociable. 

The great innovation in man’s education and his rare mental abilities once again proved the importance and greatness of his infinite education. How can education be a source of human and social development? What role do you play in society?

In other words, education opens us up to charity, civilization, and all humanity. This is the foundation of society. Since it contributes to human development to know the perfection of talent, one has to leave the source. Education is an important method that is the key to human development and the overall transformation of this society, therefore education is the key to development and helps man to get a taste of work because work helps in dignity. The role of environment and nature education is to lead man to perfection. It leads man to goodness and reflects the general goodness of man in society. Education is, of course, fundamental to human development. Because it allows individuals to cooperate for the sake of education and humanity. It is a goal that inspires important people and people who contribute to human and social development.

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The role of education

Education should create an individual initiative in the individual. Teaching man means to think, to love, and to live by words. For the development of oneself and others, and in that sense education is to help people understand themselves. In contrast, accountability not only supports students’ independent movement but also provides the support they need to produce, and therefore cannot escape the work of the society in which we are born and live. No one can escape education. At the same time, attention should be paid to education. The goal should be the development of individual initiative and the exercise of human freedom.

Based on the role played by society, education replaces basic human nature, thus hindering social progress and development. Educating others will educate yourself. Education leads him to the ability to explore his fields of knowledge for virtue, ethics, skills, and social well-being.

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