The Significance of Telemedicine apps and How to Kickstart your Venture in this Niche

Almost every service business has gone through its technological metamorphosis. At some point in time, it was enablement through telephone, and then came the Internet revolution. Today, almost every service is enabled through smartphones and through mobile apps.

The credit for this transformation has to be given to Uber, which sparked off an avalanche of products following the same business model. Developing an Uber for any business has been in vogue for quite some time. 

One of the latest additions to the bandwagon is Uber for doctors app development. To understand the business relevance of on-demand doctor app development, it is crucial to know the limitations that the world has gotten used to when it comes to medical services.

The current ecosystem

Today, the doctor’s appointment is usually made over a telephone call and is attended to by a receptionist who manages the schedules. The patient is allocated an approximate time slot, and more often than not, they end up waiting for long hours in the often-nauseating hospital atmosphere.

Even if we were to look at things from a doctor’s perspective, there have been a few limitations. It takes some time and a prominent physical presence for a doctor to establish their visibility. There might be instances where a doctor stays right in the next street, but the patient does not know about their existence or availability. It brings in business for the doctor and saves a lot of time for the patient.

It’s relevant right now! 

As we all know it, the entire planet is going through a pandemic, and it might take a few months before life gets back to normal. People are inhibited by visiting hospitals and doctors. Going outside has to be quite calculated and kept as minimum as possible.

There is a need for all people, and especially geriatric patients, to keep themselves safe and away from all possible dangers and exposure to the virus.

This is where a doctor’s appointment becomes extremely relevant and useful. This will ensure that appointment slots are well-managed, and not much time is spent waiting within the hospital premises.

The different revenue models

We have seen how advantageous the on-demand doctor app is for the patients and doctors. How does the app business benefit from it? There are multiple revenue generation channels that make it a lucrative business opportunity, especially at a time when people are beginning to embrace technology and the Uber model for almost every activity. 

The most straightforward channel of revenue with the Uber for doctors app is the commission that is charged from doctors for the consultations that the app facilitates. The app, in essence, functions like an affiliate program, which brings in more visits to doctors. The app can take a commission from the consultation fees that the doctor charges their patients.

Want to make this option even more lucrative is that most apps collect the consultation fees through their own payment gateway. Instead of getting the commission from the doctor, the business retains the commission and pays out the rest to the doctor.

Like any other service provider, doctors would like to enhance the visibility, which holds true for new doctors who have just entered a new locality. There’s no better place for them to mark their presence than a doctor appointment app. It helps doctors build their presence and prominence at a time when people are focused on finding out doctors in a locality. These doctors can be an additional amount to the app, so their name gets listed on the top of relevant search results.

In addition to both the methods, the app can also run advertisements made available by boat leading mobile operating systems. The ads can generate revenue for the business either by the number of clicks on the number of times the ad is shown.

The features

The relevance and lucrativeness of the on-demand doctor app have been established beyond any iota of doubt. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, it wouldn’t be surprising if you consider embarking on building this business.

The most important part of building your business is the on-demand doctor app development. You can either hire your own team for your Uber for doctors up development, or you can consider partnering with an app development company. Better than both, the other methods are going for a white label clone script of existing doctor appointment apps.

Irrespective of the method that you choose for your on-demand doctor app development, it is essential as an entrepreneur to know the basic features that make up your app.

Profiling – the user and the doctor should be able to create their profiles by registering for the services easily. The pieces of information collected from both of these parties should be different. For the user, information about their age, sex, and their vital medical statistics. The doctor should be able to input their qualification, specialization, credentials, achievements, commercial elements of consultation and their clinic/hospital’s physical address above everything. The doctors should also be able to input their banking details, so the payment for the consultation is made through the app that can be processed.

GPS – the combination of GPS, mapping, and navigation can be considered the epicenter of the on-demand revolution. The address provided by the doctor can be matched with a location on a map and platform like Google or Apple Maps. The GPS on the user’s device can help detect their location and find out a perfect route to the doctor’s location, taking into consideration the traffic and other parameters. It can also help plan the exact time at which a user should leave that location if they need to make it on time for their doctor’s appointment.

Searching – the users should be able to search for a doctor based on their location and according to their specific needs. This is where the information on the profile and the GPS comes into play. The doctors can be sorted either by the cost of consultation or proximity to the user’s location. The doctors’ list should also be open to a filtration process by specialization, availability, cost, reviews, and ratings.

Booking the appointment – the interface of the app should be designed in such a way that a user can book an appointment with a doctor without any hassle. The doctor version of the app should integrate with it a Calendar and an appointment management feature that will help doctors manage their time without any confusion and overlap. The doctors should also be able to dictate their hours of availability, and the same should be reflected in the user’s app interface.

Payment – another aspect that elevates the utility of the on-demand app is the comedians of digital payments. Therefore, during the process of your Uber for doctors app development, you should ensure that the app is tied up with a versatile payment services provider. The payment gateway should be able to accept payments from different payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, Internet banking, and wallets. In addition to the payments being made, the doctors’ income should also be credited to the bank accounts in a short span of time. This ensures that the trust of these doctors on the app increases.

Reviews – to make the entire ecosystem democratic and fair, the app should include a review and rating system. The patients should be able to rate their experience with doctors, and the doctors should also be able to read patients based on their behavior. This will ensure top-notch quality of services from the doctor and courteous behavior from the patients.

Additional features – to increase their app’s marketability, you can consider garnishing your app with additional features. The app can enable sharing documents so that diagnostic test reports can be easily shared with the doctor. To minimize the instances of unnecessary hospital visits, the app can also feature video conferencing with doctors for an additional consultation fee. This feature comes in handy, especially during the COVID-19 times. As an extension, the app can tie up with local pharmacies for medicine delivery.

On-demand doctor app development

As we have already seen, more than building your own team from scratch or partnering with an app development company going for a white label solution is extremely cost-effective. In addition to saving money, it also seems to a lot of time, enabling you to launch your app ahead of your competition. You can also be assured that the core product is free from, but that might interfere with the basic functions.

The white label script is easily customizable, and your app can be embellished with the features according to your business requirements.


The digital health market’s expected market size is expected to increase by $500 billion by 2025, and the technology segment of the industry alone is expected to generate $280 billion in revenue by 2021.

The increase in smartphone penetration and Internet usage is also expected to contribute to the growth of digital health services in some of the most unexpected markets. 43% of the e United States consumers have stated that they are aware of the possibilities to reduce healthcare costs by adopting mobile health applications and services.

Given this appealingly lopsided market, now would be a perfect time for an entrepreneur to invest in on-demand doctors mobile app development. All you need to do is get in touch with a company specializing in the creation and customization of white label clone scripts of Uber for doctors apps. They will take care to shape the app in line with your business needs and deliver it to you, so your profits are always at the pink of their health!

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